Tips For Upgrading Your Social Media Strategy

Want to upgrade your social media strategy for 2017? Here are some useful tips to follow:

First of all, if you are really serious about upgrading your social media strategy, you need to know what’s wrong with it first. An audit is an SEO review, where a third-party specialist will review your plan to see what works, what doesn’t and what needs improving. WME Reviews, for example, provide detailed SEO audits. Your company needs these in order to improve truly for the better. If you think you can do this in-house, be aware of confirmation bias. Your employees who did the work may not see the mistakes they made.

Most companies are obsessed with content. A good question to ask is, is your company obsessed with the right type of content? On social media platforms like Facebook, companies are increasingly promoting text articles with clickbait-y headlines. These are widely believe to drive clicks and thus promote brands. However, wisdom following many studies say that social media users are more attracted to graphics-based content. These would include infographics, pictorial depictions and video. So, if your company really wants to drive content on social media, it needs these graphical content. Next year, try to diversity the content you promote by including items like video.

Like with WME Reviews, where you would hire a third-party analytics to look at your social media and SEO strategy, you can rely on daily and weekly reviews in house. After all, it costs a lot of money to hire experts. Also, experts are not too keen on gathering basic data like view counts on a regular basis. But you do need this data to have a good understanding of how your social media strategy is working. So, use free analytical tools widely available online to find out how your social media tactics are really working.

It may sound like simply advice, but most brands have trouble being honest on social media. And users are not blind to that. Social media is a platform for genuine expression, or at least some form of it. So, when you make far reaching and exaggerated advertising claims on a platform like social media, fans are turned off. Some may even mock your company. For brands, not all publicity is good publicity. Keep that in mind and try to be more honest and genuine in your social media posts. Avoid exaggerated and hyperbolic statements as much as possible.

Follow the above tips this year to bring your social media strategy forward next year.

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